Apple to increase App Store prices in some regions

Apple to up its prices in some regions on its App Store

Citing tax obligations and also currency exchange rate, Apple is raising the rates for applications in some nations and also re-adjusting designers’ cuts in others. Applications will certainly come to be much more costly in Bahrain, Ukraine and also Zimbabwe. The VAT is upped from 5 to 10% in Bahrain, Ukraine obtains a 20% VAT while individuals in Zimbabwe will certainly need to pay 5% even more as a result of the brand-new electronic solution tax obligation.

Oman is additionally presenting a 5% VAT, while The Bahamans and also Tajikistan, are seeing reduced tax obligations this year. The end rate will not alter in these App Stores, as Apple is readjusting the designers’ cut to balance out the modifications.

The exact same chooses Austria where the VAT price rises to 10% for audiobooks and also electronic books, Latvia reduces the VAT for electronic books and also audiobooks from 21 to 5% and also Romania is reducing its VAT from 19 to 5%, once more on electronic books and also audiobooks.

Apple makes clear that it’s up to designers using applications in the last 6 nations to choose whether they will certainly readjust their rates to make up the modifications.



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