Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype leaks in live images

Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype live images

A number of days ago a Google Pixel 7 model did the rounds over on as well as Facebook Marketplace, real-time photos as well as all, as well as it really did not take long for its larger sibling to be based on a comparable therapy. This time around around there isn’t any person attempting to offer a model, however live photos of it have actually been dripped nevertheless.

The Pixel 7 Pro has an added cam contrasted to the Pixel 7, however or else the style appears really comparable on the back, with the brand-new steel cam visor that covers right into the structure on both sides. It’s comparable sufficient to the Pixel 6 as well as Pixel 6 Pro’s visor that it’s instantaneously well-known as a Google phone, however if you do take note you will certainly observe the refined adjustments in style. On the front the Pixel 7 Pro appears to have a likewise rounded display to its precursor, which might as a matter of fact be the precise very same panel.

Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype live images
Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype live images
Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype live images

Google Pixel 7 Pro model real-time photos

We’re not fairly certain what’s happening with the Device Info noting the name as Cubot Cheetah 2. Cheetah is apparently the codename for the upcoming Pixel 7 Pro, sure, however Cubot is a Chinese phone manufacturer in its very own. Perhaps it has something to do with the production of this Pixel? There was a Cubot Cheetah 2 mobile phone several, years back, however this is certainly not it – the bezels provide it away.

Anyway, that’s most likely a secret for one more day. The supposed Pixel 7 Pro model does have the very same logo design on the back as the Pixel 7 model that increased to buy previously today, as well as this is typical method for Google – a various logo design attempts to obfuscate what gadget it really is. Once again, that’s quite hard in truth when that cam visor is such a special style attribute in this day as well as age.

The Pixel 7 as well as Pixel 7 Pro need to just come to be main in the loss (most likely around October), as well as at this price of leakages we’re quite sure we’ll be completely accustomed with them well prior to that.


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