Here is the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 series pricing breakdown

109 exclusive colors: Galaxy S22

With 3 brand-new front runner phones and also 3 brand-new front runner tablet computers introduced, this was just one of the greatest mobile occasions of the year, definitely for Samsung. The rate of electronic devices has gone haywire over the last pair of years, so not to take away from the exhilaration over the brand-new upgrades, however this is an essential concern exactly how a lot?

The response can be promptly summed up as the like in 2014 if you stay in the United States, the UK or the EU.

We have actually put together prices details for the Galaxy S22, S22+ and also S22 Ultra in the table listed below:

United States
Galaxy S22 Galaxy S22+ Galaxy S22 Ultra
8/128 GB $ 800 $ 1,000 $ 1,200
8/256 GB
12/256 GB
12/512 GB
Galaxy S22 Galaxy S22+ Galaxy S22 Ultra
8/128 GB 850 1,050 1,250
8/256 GB 900 1,100
12/256 GB 1,350
12/512 GB 1,450
1 B 1,650
Galaxy S22 Galaxy S22+ Galaxy S22 Ultra
128 GB 770 950 1,150
8/256 GB 820 1,000
12/256 GB 1,250
512 GB 1,330
12 GB/1 TB 1,500

Pre-orders begin today, the phones will certainly deliver from February 25. Like previous launches, you can sell a number of old gadgets to obtain credit score in the direction of acquiring a brand-new phone. There are tie-in bargains also, like a 25% price cut on a Tab S8 if you get an S22 phone, in addition to Samsung Credit in the direction of particular devices. Inspect your neighborhood for information.

By the means, the main Samsung shop has special colorways for the S22 triad, so look at those prior to purchasing from a third-party shop. exclusive colors: Galaxy S22+ exclusive colors: Galaxy S22 Ultra special shades: Galaxy S22 Galaxy S22+ Galaxy S22 Ultra

The S-phones are not brand-new just premium Galaxys to be introduced at todays occasion, Samsung additionally brought 3 front runner tablet computers: the Galaxy Tab S8, Tab S8+ and also Tab S8 Ultra. Base rates approach in 2014, though storage space upgrades and also the optional 5G connection currently set you back even more.

Below is a table with the rates for the tablet computers with and also without 5G:

United States
Galaxy Tab S8 Galaxy Tab S8+ Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
From $ 700 $ 900 $ 1,100
Galaxy Tab S8 Galaxy Tab S8+ Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
8/128 GB, Wi-Fi 750 950 1,150
8/256 GB Wi-Fi 800 1,000 1,250
512 GB, Wi-Fi 1,450
8/128 GB, 5G 900 1,100 1,300
8/256 GB, 5G 950 1,150 1,400
512 GB, 5G 1,600
Galaxy Tab S8 Galaxy Tab S8+ Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
8/128 GB, Wi-Fi 650 850 1,000
8/256 GB Wi-Fi 700 900
12/256 GB, Wi-Fi 1,100
16/512 GB, Wi-Fi 1,250
8/128 GB, 5G 800 1,000 1,150
8/256 GB, 5G 850 1,050
12/256 GB, 5G 1,250
16/512 GB, 5G 1,400


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