KZ X Crinacle CRN (ZEX Pro) wired IEM review

KZ X Crinacle CRN (ZEX Pro) review

KZ is a Chinese brand name that has actually come to be popular in the IEM section for its reasonable-sounding and also inexpensive earbuds. We covered the preferred KZ ZSN Pro X in our spending plan IEM summary and also located them to be the very best of the lot.

The firm has actually currently partnered with Crinacle to release the CRN. Crinacle is an adored customer and also doubter in the sound market and also runs a data source of over 1000 checked IEMs on his internet site. Lately, he has actually required to doing partnerships with IEM brand names ahead up with items that have actually been tuned to his taste. KZ currently joins this checklist of brand names that consists of Moondrop, Fiio, Fearless Audio, and also See Audio.

The intriguing aspect of the CRN is that they had actually formerly been introduced as the KZ ZEX Pro without the branding, despite the fact that it’s the very same item. Crinacle disclosed later on that this was a social experiment to see exactly how the item would certainly be evaluated without his branding prior to launching the variation with his name on it.

So despite the fact that this evaluation will certainly describe the item as KZ x Crinacle CRN or simply CRN, it’s likewise relevant to the ZEX Pro as both equal, minus the Crinacle branding on the last.

So what is this item, after that? The CRN are a set of inexpensive IEMs. While KZ has a tendency to have its very own adjusting for its IEMs, the CRN has actually normally been tuned by Crinacle, with the objective to have an even more well balanced audio account with a little bass. That seems like an instantaneous renovation over the common KZ IEM and also it might extremely well hold true. Allow’s see, nevertheless, exactly how the CRN really do.

Design and also develop

The CRN are a very first of their kind earbuds from KZ including a three-way chauffeur style consisting of an electrostatic, vibrant, and also well balanced armature chauffeur in each earbud. To be particular, it’s a 6.8 mm electret electrostatic chauffeur, 10mm twin magnet vibrant chauffeur, and also a Knowles 30095 well balanced armature chauffeur.

KZ X Crinacle CRN (ZEX Pro) review

For a short description of all the chauffeur kinds, an electrostatic chauffeur jobs by shaking a membrane layer put on hold in an electrostatic area. A continuous (and also typically high) voltage is travelled through the membrane layer, which after that relocates based upon the transforming electrostatic area from the conductive grids on either side. An electret electrostatic chauffeur has a typically tiny and also continuous voltage pre-applied to the membrane layer and also hence does not need an effective outside power supply to function. This makes it appropriate for form-factors like IEMs.

A well balanced armature chauffeur, on the various other hand, functions by relocating a diaphragm by affixing it to a reed or armature, which is put on hold in an electromagnetic field. By alluring the reed, it can be made to go up and also down, hence relocating the affixed diaphragm.

A vibrant chauffeur is a basic conelike diaphragm connected to an electromagnet (voice coil) and also put before an irreversible magnet.

All these chauffeur kinds have their downsides and also benefits, so they are typically scheduled for taking care of various components of the regularity range making use of crossovers. In this instance, the vibrant chauffeur deals with the bass area, the well balanced armature the mid-range, and also the electrostatic chauffeur the premium.

To have all the chauffeurs, the covering of the CRN gets on the bigger side. The external cover of the covering is constructed of zinc alloy while the component that rests inside the ear is clear material. Develop high quality is excellent and also the earbuds really feel well-crafted despite the rate.

The CRN be available in 2 shades, increased gold, and also black. The gold design has clear material as opposed to the clear on the black.

KZ X Crinacle CRN (ZEX Pro) review

The earbuds include a common 2-pin port. The packed wire is reasonably simple to jump on, although the L/R noting on the wire isn’t simple to see so ensure you obtain it right as you need to connect the wire on your own the very first time. Play an examination tone if you aren’t certain you obtained it.

The wire itself is respectable. It’s not also thick neither also hefty, does not keep twists and also folds up quickly, as well as likewise does not have any type of considerable microphonics.

You can pick to get the CRN with a selection of 2 wires, one with and also the various other without a mic. The mic variation likewise has a solitary switch to play/pause playback and also select up/cancel phone calls and also functions penalty on both iphone and also Android.

Aside from the wire, the just various other points you enter the easy product packaging are the 3 collections of earbuds in various dimensions. These are basic silicone ear suggestions; no expensive foam right here.


Despite the awkward-looking form, the CRN were rather comfy inside my ears. The material covering has actually very carefully developed impressions to walk around the shapes of your external ear dental caries.

KZ X Crinacle CRN (ZEX Pro) review

Whether these in shape your ears precisely will depend and also it’s feasible not every person will certainly discover them comfy. The form of the earbuds counts greatly on thinking the shapes and size of your ear so it’s rather most likely that it will certainly fizzle for some customers.

The provided earbuds are comfy and also likewise soft on the ears. They likewise produce an actually excellent seal, lowering the ambient sound degrees a fair bit without including any type of software application hoax.


Audio high quality

The CRN have actually been tuned to supply a primarily neutral audio yet with a bass increase. The resultant audio is basically as it claims on the tin.

KZ X Crinacle CRN (ZEX Pro) review

The bass adjusting and also efficiency is just one of the much better ones I’ve experienced on IEMs in this rate variety. Usually, the bass increase begins a lot previously in the regularity variety, which has a tendency to likewise raise reduced mids and also top bass regularities, causing a really mid-bass hefty audio that can be undesirable and also boomy.

The CRN bass increase begins at around 200Hz and also it’s truly just listed below 100Hz that it starts. This generates a cleaner and also purer bass increase rack that allows you appreciate your bass regularities without impacting the remainder of the audio.

The bass on the CRN isn’t as ahead of time and also in your face as from a normal mid-bass improved IEM. It truly boils down to the kind of songs you pay attention to since not all songs has a great deal of power listed below 100Hz so sometimes it seems like there isn’t much bass increasing occurring. This does function rather well essentially as songs that is usually not planned to be bass-heavy is left greatly unblemished in addition to a little included heat.

KZ X Crinacle CRN (ZEX Pro) review

On the various other hand, tracks that are bass beasts can definitely delight in that bellyful of low-end power as they pound and also thump to magnificence. Bass shipment continues to be distortion-free and also tidy and also the chauffeurs have the ability to supply the audio rather well without bad. The bass likewise never ever really feels overtuned; the intent was plainly to boost and also not bewilder.

The mid-range efficiency is terrific. The feedback throughout the variety is extremely also, which suggests all regularities in this variety are obtaining precisely the quantity of power as they must in the recording. Vocals have a wonderful existence in the mix together with percussion and also string tools coming with wonderfully.

If anything, it’s the nature of the well balanced armature chauffeurs that kind of pollutes the audio a little bit. Bachelor’s degree chauffeurs do not have one of the most all-natural accent or timbral qualities and also you obtain this small nose or metal tone to several of the tools and also vocals. It’s just something you truly have to pay interest to see.

Treble efficiency is likewise truly excellent. A lot of the treble variety is truly also and also although there is some disproportion in the greater varies it does not truly come with in the audio. Essentially, treble on the CRN has simply adequate power, illumination, and also glimmer that the recording needs and also virtually never ever really feels piercing or shouty. The audio does appear to roll off around 15k, however, so you’re not going to obtain a lot out of your high-resolution recordings, not that many people can listen to over that, anyhow.

KZ X Crinacle CRN (ZEX Pro) review

Technical efficiency isn’t as outstanding and also a lot more a measure of the rate brace we remain in. Resolution and also information most definitely really feel doing not have right here contrasted to a lot more pricey versions as well as likewise unusual exemptions like the Moondrop SSR, which are in a similar way valued yet can fix a lot more information. The imaging efficiency is rather great for IEMs, no question assisted by the solid top mid and also treble efficiency. Soundstage is expectedly underwhelming.

Regarding level of sensitivity, you truly can simply drive these making use of the earphone jack or dongle on your phone. While the majority of my screening right here was done making use of a Shanling UA2, the Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm earphone jack adapter was likewise flawlessly with the ability of driving these earbuds with lots of quantity to save. These are delicate adequate to subject any type of history sound that might exist in your resource.


The CRN can be set up with or without a microphone. My referral would certainly be to not obtain the microphone as it’s simply not excellent. If it was simply my system or a problem with the wire, the audio is very peaceful for some factor and also I had not been truly certain.

KZ X Crinacle CRN (ZEX Pro) review

If you do not obtain the wire with the mic, you constantly have the choice of obtaining a various wire with a far better mic.


The KZ X Crinacle CRN or the ZEX Pro are valued at around $36. These are remarkably excellent worth IEMs with among the very best adjustings I’ve listened to in this rate variety. They stand head and also shoulders over their rivals in this rate variety, much of which really originate from KZ itself yet do not seem almost as excellent.

KZ X Crinacle CRN (ZEX Pro) review

The technological efficiency might be a little bit much better and also the microphone is an afterthought yet neither is a dealbreaker. Due to the fact that it was truly tough to inform or else, those were the only times I was advised of the rate of these points. Also points like the develop high quality and also the provided wire are truly well done. I likewise located them to be rather comfy to put on yet your gas mileage might differ on that particular.

Overall, the CRN obtain a solid referral from me and also are definitely worth your factor to consider.

Thanks to Headphone Zone for giving the evaluation system.


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