Lamiez Holworthy lands in trouble


Lamiez Holworthy has actually tipped on the toes of lots of after she shared her point of view concerning Dineo Ranakas video clip.

Dineorecently damaged the web when a video clip emerged, where she exposed exclusive features of her life, all while chewing out a male that appears to be her latest enthusiast.

The video clip brought a lot of blended responses from individuals as they determined that Dineo needs to not be chewing out a grown up male like that, specifically one that she has actually made love with.

Dj Lamiez saw the video clip in a various light.
She browsed the web to lament the reality that Dineo was privately shot, most likely by someone she thinks about a “good friend”, in an extremely susceptible state and also in the center of a crisis.
Lamiez would like to know what type of close friends would certainly do something like that after that leakage the video clip.

The male in the video clip is called Sechaba Thole, and also from context, we can inform that he has actually been her enthusiast for a long time currently.

Dineo informed him that she just utilized him as a rebound to overcome her unsuccessful marital relationship, and also extolled being a much larger celebrity than he is.

Lamiez Holworthy.


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