Microsoft patent reveals possible tri-fold Surface phone

Microsoft multi-panel device (image: USPTO)

A brand-new license from Microsoft might have simply disclosed a very early check into the firms multi-panel gadget which flaunts a tri-fold style. The license was approved by the United States Patent and also Trademark Office (USPTO) recently and also reveals an illustration of a gadget with 2 joints that opens to disclose one large display composed of 3 unique areas. When folded up back up the gadget can function as a conventional mobile phone and also seems in the Surface Duo mold and mildew with a vast account.

Microsoft multi-panel gadget (photo: USPTO)

There aren’t any type of more specification information from Microsoft neither information concerning the joint device and also just how it operates. Various other manufacturers like Samsung are likewise reported to be servicing their very own tri-fold gadget while TCL also showcased a functioning principle gadget which we reached see in March of in 2015 at MWC Barcelona. It continues to be to be seen when or if Microsoft intends to hand out any type of more details on its tri-fold job.


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