Mohale Motaung in disbelief after someone attempts to spike his drink


Mohale Motaung amazed after somebody attempted to increase his beverage at an event over the weekend break.

Taking to Twitter, the celebrity revealed his shock as this act was done two times.

Mohale stated he is thankful to his close friend that conserved him that was with the wrongdoer and also saw the effort. Since they could not think what took place,

The Opulence radio host stated they captured the individual yet really did not understand what to do.

Mohale stated he was thankful the wrongdoer did not do well in the act while his fans attempted to identify what the “spiker’s” purposes were.

People are unusual!
Mohale Motaung (@mohale_motaung) November 28, 2021(*)

Mohale Motaung.



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