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Report: Google Pixel 7 will have 6.3-inch display, Pixel 7 Pro to keep 6.7-inch

Google Pixel 7 (speculative renders)

A brand-new record appeared concerning Samsungs next Galaxy Z Flip collapsible, specifically concerning the gadgets screens. According to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), Googles Pixel 7 will certainly utilize a somewhat smaller sized 6.3-inch display screen (the Pixel sixes was 6.4 inches), as well as the Pixel 7 Pro will certainly utilize the very same dimension panel as the Pixel 6 Pros 6.7-inch one.

In enhancement, panel deliveries will apparently start starting in May, one month in advance of The Pixel sixes cycle. In an additional Tweet reply, it is pointed out that the Pixel 7 Pros panel will certainly be LTPO as well as will certainly include 120Hz revitalize price much like the present generation.

The adjustment in display dimension proves an earlier record that the Pixel 7 would certainly be somewhat smaller sized than the Pixel 6. Based on very early makes of the Pixel 7 as well as 7 Pro, the gadgets will certainly look a great deal like the current-gen Pixel 6 gadgets.

Google Pixel 7 (speculative renders)

Google Pixel 7 (speculative makes)

Early provide of the Google Pixel 7 Pro

current record asserted that both the Pixel 7 as well as Pixel 7 Pro (whose codenames are Cheetah as well as Panther, specifically) will certainly utilize a second-generation Google Tensor chip fitted with an Exynos Modem 5300. When it comes to Pixel leakages,

Its still much also very early to inform however in current years Google hasn’t been able to maintain a lot under covers.(*)

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