Samsung flexes its 200MP HP1 sensor by printing a cat billboard

ISOCELL HP1 picel binning

Samsung revealed its 200MP ISCOCELL HP1 electronic camera sensing unit back in September of in 2015 however we still have actually not seen a tool to include the enormous sensing unit. That could transform come July with an upcoming Motorola phone as well as Samsung uploaded a video clip outlining the sensing units abilities.

The objective of the video clip is to display the quantity of information that the HP1 sensing unit can maintain. While no phone was made use of to show the brand-new sensing unit we did see it attached to a Frankenstein gear total with an examination board, exterior display screen as well as added lens which permitted a team of Samsung designers to catch some comprehensive feline photos.

The last 200 MP still was after that published on a commercial printer. Completion outcome? A 28 x 22-meter canvas comprised of twelve different 2.3 meter long items that were sewn with each other as well as hung from a structure. The real picture was maximized as well as changed by the professional photographers behind the scene obviously. The huge takeaway is that you can chop as well as zoom right into photos without shedding information.

ISOCELL HP1 pixel binning

Samsungs HP1 sensing unit brings a brand new pixel binning technology referred to as ChamelonCell which can organize as much as sixteen pixels in different resolutions that go from 12.5 MP stills with a 2.56 m pixel pitch to 50MP stills (1.28 m pixels) or natively at 200MP (0.64 m pixels) relying on your requirements.


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