Samsung Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra’s 45W charging is a lie

Samsung Galaxy S22 series 45W charging is a lie

Samsungs Galaxy S22 collection ultimately brought a rise accountable rates after being left in the dirt by the majority of Chinese rivals. Both bigger participants of the brand-new Galaxies S22 schedule asserted to use 45W wired billing rates while the vanilla S22 preserved the 25W of its precursor. When it comes to billing rates in the previous couple of years,

The market has actually been relocating at a quick speed. You can obtain a midrange phone from rivals with 65W billing while front runners from brand names like Xiaomi and also vivo have actually currently gone across the 100W limit. While 45W isn’t a huge bargain it’s at the very least a significant action ahead. And also, a legitimate factor can be made that the tradeoffs in battery capability aren’t worth minority conserved mins after a particular factor.

Alas, also those 45W ended up to just exist in advertising and marketing products, so it would not matter.

So just how do the new S22+ and also S22 Ultra price in regards to billing rates? Our testimonial group placed both with our billing examinations making use of 3 battery chargers initial Samsung 45W and also 25W battery chargers in addition to a third-party 65W PD battery charger permanently step. Keep in mind that both Samsung battery chargers sustain both power distribution (PD) and also programmable power supply (PPS) requirements while the third-party option is just PD licensed. Allows check out. When making use of the 45W one,

We can see the Galaxy S22+ got to a 62% fee after 30-minutes with the 25W Samsung block and also a simple 64%. What concerning the S22 Ultra you ask? That a person got to a 61% fee after 30 mins on the 25W battery charger and also 60% with the 45W block. Our third-party 65W PD battery charger took care of to fill the Ultras battery to 65% throughout the exact same time, however those outcomes are all within the margin of mistake.


  • 30min billing examination (from 0%)
    Higher is much better
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (65W PD, no PPS)
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+ (45W)
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+ (25W)
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (25W)

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (45W)


A complete fee on the S22+ from 0% took 1:01 hrs with the 45W battery charger and also simply one min much longer with the 25W one. A complete fee beginning with 0% on the S22 Ultra with the 25W battery charger took precisely 1:04 hrs while the 45W block completed the job a simple 5 mins quicker at 59 mins. The 65W PD third-party battery charger took 1:02 hrs.

  • Time to complete fee (from 0%)
    Lower is much better
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (45W)
    0:59 h.
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+ (45W)
    1:01 h.
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+ (25W)
    1:02 h.
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (65W PD, no PPS)
    1:02 h.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (25W)

1:04 h.

What does this suggest? Well, Samsungs 45W billing price insurance claim is straight-out deceiving when also coupled with the initial Samsung battery charger it does not use any type of actual concrete advantages in regards to billing times over the 25W option.

To make issues worse, Samsung remained in the precise very same placement with the Galaxy Note10+ back in 2019. The business after that went down the insurance claim of 45W billing on the Note 20 Ultra. Having actually restored it with the S22+ and also S22 Ultra we believed it has actually picked up from its errors and also obtained it right this time around. Unfortunately, once more the specifications sheet composes checks that the the real world efficiency can not pay.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series 45W charging is a lie

There are 2 essential takeaways from this. If billing rates issue to you the Galaxy S22 collection will certainly be simply as unsatisfactory as the Samsung front runners that came prior to them, the initial is that. Just like it has actually been for the previous 2 years, you would certainly require a hr to obtain a complete fee. If you do finish up obtaining the S22+ and also S22 Ultra there’s no factor spending lavishly $50/50 on the 45W Samsung battery charger,(*) The 2nd one is that. The 25W block will essentially function equally as well for simply $20/20.(*) Our complete evaluations on the Galaxy S22 collection are can be found in quickly so anticipate even more information on billing and also almost every various other element of those phones.(*)


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