Samsung wants to get in on the Apple M2 chip production

Samsung wants to get in on the Apple M2 chip production

Apple’s existing M1 silicon is made use of in its MacBook, Mac and also iPad schedule so the firm requires a fair bit of those chips. By expansion, this suggests that whoever participates Apple’s M1 chip supply chain is up for some significant economic gains.

Samsung is just one of those vendors for Apple and also is generating FC-BGA substratums that are vital for modern-day high-density chips with circuit links. Normally, the Korean technology titan desires in on the M2 chip manufacturing.

The supposed Samsung Electro-Mechanics arm is rather near to striking a take care of Apple to generate the very same FC-BGA substratums for the upcoming M2 chip. This record accompanies current intel of Samsung spending greater than $1 billion in constructing an FC-BGA manufacturing center in Vietnam and also has actually spent over $241 million even more right into a currently existing fab in South Korea.


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