vivo 50W Wireless Flash Charger test

Weekend filler: vivo 50W Wireless Flash Charger test

The mobile phone billing battles are primarily battled on the wired front where some business currently passed the 100W thresh hold offering you a complete 0-100% cost in around and even under 20 mins. Every currently as well as after that the fight is brought over on the cordless front where manufacturers are likewise getting to rates that were unimaginable a pair of years back.

One such tool is the vivo X80 Pro which we examined not as well lengthy back as well as which sustains 50W cordless charging. The only catch is that you require a specialized cordless billing stand. We lately got one such battery charger at our workplace vivos 50W Wireless Flash Charger as well as are currently prepared to report on what it allows.

In order to attain blazing rapid billing times, vivo X80 Pro has a dual-cell battery with 2 cost pumps an industry-standard strategy made use of on a lot of brand-new front runner phones nowadays. With its mixed battery cell capability of 4,700 mAh, X80 Pro took care of an unimpressive 79 hrs in our exclusive battery endurance examination. X80 Pro ships with a packed 80W FlashCharge adapter (20V/ 4A) as well as matching USB-C cable television. In our wired billing examination, we got to peak billing power of 65-66W at 17V as well as 4A leading to a complete cost of 39 mins.

vivo declares the 50W Wireless Flash Charger can bill up the X80 Pro to 50% in 23 mins while a complete cost need to take 50 mins or simply 11 even more mins than the 80W wired FlashCharge service. The business certainly verifies the real billing power is dynamically readjusted as well as undergoes real usage – implying you need to not anticipate 50W power blowing up the phone in any way times.

The bulk of tools that sustain Qi-wireless billing can bill at approximately 15W rates. Youll require to utilize a vivo or iOOO battery charger that sustains 66W (or greater) FlashCharge as well as a suitable USB cable television to get to the 50W cordless billing rates.

Weekend filler: vivo 50W Wireless Flash Charger test

Some fast words on the 50W Wireless FlashCharge battery charger. It includes a dual-coil style that allows you put your phone in either picture or landscape alignments the last serving if you intend to view a video clip while your phone is billing. The cradle includes an integrated air conditioning as well as a 60-degree tilt follower under, rising to 3,600 RPM.

An inside look into vivo 50W Flash Charger's charging coils and fan
An inside look into vivo 50W Flash Charger's charging coils and fan

An inside check into vivo 50W Flash Charger’s billing coils as well as follower

The billing pad brings a silver as well as white appearance with a shiny surface area on the billing cradle location as well as a frozen surface on the back all made from plastic. Theres likewise a frozen clear little bit in advance that holds the tool youre billing. Vivo is bringing an unique nighttime billing setting on its sustained phones where the follower will certainly restrict itself to 27Db to make sure that your rest is not interrupted. It will not be virtually as quick, yet that does not actually matter if you are overnighting your phone anyhow. If required,

The back of the battery charger includes a USB-C port so you can securely switch over out cords. Mentioning cords its a little bit unsatisfactory to see no cable television or power adapter in the battery charger’s retail product packaging offered its $70 list price (presently to $40).

Weekend filler: vivo 50W Wireless Flash Charger test

The cordless battery charger considers in at 196 grams while the X80 Pros 80W packed battery charger as well as cable television can be found in at an extra 150 grams so if youre taking a trip someplace as well as intend to bring your 50W FlashCharge battery charger as well as utilize its optimal power note that youll be bring virtually 350 grams well worth of tools, not counting the phone itself. In our screening, we gauged 58 mins

for a complete cost on the vivo X80 Pro. Thats 8 mins greater than the vivo asserted 50-minute complete cost time. We need to consider the area temperature level as a variable that might have modified the outcomes. From our information, we can see the phone got to a 11% cost in simply 5 mins as well as reached 50% in 27 mins. The X80 Pro rested at 89% after 50 mins as well as got to 100% after 58 mins.
vivo X80 Pro with the vivo 50W Wireless Flash Charger (4,700 mAh) 0 minutes
1% 5 minutes
11% 10 minutes
21% 15 minutes
30% 20 minutes
38% 25 minutes
47% 30 minutes
55% 35 minutes
63% 40 minutes
72% 45 minutes
80% 50 minutes
89% 55 minutes
97% 58 minutes


Weekend filler: vivo 50W Wireless Flash Charger test

The battery chargers follower was hardly distinct throughout the cost cycle as well as did not trigger any kind of disruption. We did not observe too much warm originating from the phone throughout the billing treatment. We likewise took the tool off of the battery charger as quickly as it got to 100% as well as it was tepid to the touch than in its still state yet not unbearably warm like after a tough benchmarking session. For the benefit of contrast, we likewise experimented with an iQOO 9 Pro – an additional phone that formally sustains the 50W Wireless Flash Charger. The tool shares the very same 4,700 mAh dual-cell battery as the vivo X80 Pro. The iQOO 9 Pro took care of a complete 0-100% cost in 47 mins

– 13 mins quicker than its vivo X80 Pro relative. The phone was currently at 18% 10 mins right into the examination as well as got to the 50% mark in 24 mins. From there it was smooth cruising with 62% after 30 mins, 84% in 40 mins as well as the complete 100% in 47 mins.
iQOO 9 Pro with the vivo 50W Wireless Flash Charger (4,700 mAh) 0 minutes
1% 5 minutes
9% 10 minutes
18% 15 minutes
30% 20 minutes
41% 25 minutes
52% 30 minutes
62% 35 minutes
73% 40 minutes
84% 45 minutes
95% 47 minutes

100% Last yet not the very least we likewise evaluated ins 2014 vivo X70 Pro+ which was the very first phone to sustain 50W cordless FlashCharge billing. It finished the complete cost in 70 mins

– 7 slower than the more recent vivo X80 Pro as well as 23 mins slower than the iQOO 9 Pro. Every one of this while bring a smaller sized 4,500 mAh battery reveals us the innovations made by vivo in a solitary generation of front runners.
vivo X70 Pro+ with the vivo 50W Wireless Flash Charger (4,500 mAh) 0 minutes
1% 5 minutes
5% 10 minutes
15% 15 minutes
23% 20 minutes
31% 25 minutes
38% 30 minutes
45% 35 minutes
52% 40 minutes
59% 45 minutes
67% 50 minutes
73% 55 minutes
81% 60 minutes
88% 65 minutes
95% 70 minutes

100%[‘corechart’] So what are the takeaways from this little experiment? Wireless billing is obtaining seriously rapid as well as is gradually approaching on wired remedies. There are a couple of obstacles to entrance with all the various exclusive battery chargers as well as power cords that just function with a pick couple of phones from a solitary manufacturer. Below’s a wrap-up of our searchings for in the type of graph as well as we’ve included MagSafe as well as billing times on an apple iphone 12 Pro as a contrast completely procedure.
google.charts.load(‘ present’, ‘bundles’: [
[‘Minutes’, ‘iPhone 12 Pro w/MagSafe’, ‘vivo X80 Pro w/50W FC’, ‘iQOO 9 Pro w/50W FC’, ‘vivo X70 Pro w/50W FC’]);.
google.charts.setOnLoadCallback( drawCharts);.
feature drawCharts().

feature drawChartWireless().
var information = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([0, 0, 0, 0, 0],.
[5, 10, 11, 9, 5],.
[10, 15, 21, 18, 15],.
[15, 19, 30, 30, 23],.
[20, 23, 38, 41, 31],.
[25, 26, 47, 52, 38],.
[30, 30, 55, 62, 45],.
[40, 38, 72, 84, 59],.
[50, 43, 89, 100, 73],.
[60, 50, 100, 100, 88],.
var formatter = brand-new google.visualization.NumberFormat( suffix: ‘%’);.
formatter.format( information, 1);.
formatter.format( information, 2);.
formatter.format( information, 3);.
formatter.format( information, 4);.
var ticksArr =

var alternatives =.
title: ‘Charging with vivo 50W Flash Charger (FC) vs Apple MagSafe’,.
curveType: ‘none’,.
interpolateNulls: real,.
ticks: ticksArr,.
title: ‘Minutes’,.
// style: “# minutes”.
pointSize: 10,.
title: ‘Percent’.
placement: ‘leading’,.
maxLines: 4.
” chartArea”:.
” size”: “80%”,.
” elevation”: “70%”.

var graph = brand-new google.visualization.LineChart( document.getElementById(‘ chart_wireless_chargers’));.
chart.draw( information, alternatives);.



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