Worlds first iPhone 12 Pro Max with USB-C port up for sale on eBay


Slovakian firm DEEP has actually effectively changed an Apple apple iphone 12 Pro Max to completely operate with a USB-C port. For a very long time, customers have actually asked yourself (and also reports have actually swirled given that 2017) why Apple has yet to switch over the apple iphone to the USB-C criterion. The iPad and also Mac schedules currently utilize the global criterion.

The firm has actually prepared a video clip of the adjustment procedure.

After spying the phone open and also getting rid of the Lightning port flex cable television setting up, dimensions of the USB-C port are taken to make sure that a real estate can be mounted on the apple iphone 12 Pro Max. After getting rid of the Lightning ports gasket, the opening left is hardly sufficient for a USB-C plug to fit within.

Meanwhile, a flex cable television is made with the USB-C port that applied an initial MFi chip gutted from a various gadget. This is after that soldered onto the flex setting up and also mounted back on the gadget with the brand-new 3D-printed real estate. The USB-C plug fits practically flawlessly.

For the brand-new positioning of the MFi chip to fit, the audio speaker component need to be submitted down a little bit. After cautious reassembly and also installment of a brand-new battery, the USB-C apple iphone 12 Pro Max prepares to be powered back on.

The gadget is evaluated and also is completely functional. It deals with iTunes, storage space attaches to Mac, and also it bills effectively with an initial Apple battery charger making use of a USB-C to C cable television (or USB-A to C cable television), throughout the USB-C port.

Many apple iphone proprietors have actually long been waiting on Apple to release the much more well-known and also extensive USB Type-C port on their apples iphone, as it did on the iPad Pro or MacBooks. Specifically individuals of “PRO” gadgets would certainly invite one cable television for all the gadgets they utilize daily in their job. We have actually chosen to satisfy this wish a minimum of partly and also we provide initial Apple apple iphone cellphone with a USB-C port rather than the initial Lightning port.

This gadget is currently offered on, and also anybody that wishes to will certainly have the ability to buy the globes 2nd USB-C powered apple iphone. The public auction has actually released on Thursday and also will certainly upright March 6 at 3AM ET.

Back in November, Robotics pupil Ken Pillonel of Switzerland took care of to change an apple iphone X to with deal with a USB-C port and also the gadget offered on to a winning prospective buyer for $86,001. Its worth keeping in mind that Pillonels USB-C apple iphone X is not updatable, neither can it be recovered or reset.

On the various other hand, DEEPs changed apple iphone shows up to play and also be a plug scenario given that it includes the MFi chip. Its unclear whether DEEPs application can be reset or upgraded. Were likewise interested regarding whether the changed apple iphone still stays waterproof.

Will we ever before see an apple iphone with a USB-C port from Apple? We do not understand, however the people at DEEP took issues right into their very own hands.


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